Known for a keen ability to identify the critical success factors from a mountain of problems, my key skill is an ability to build teams to kick start growth and create the momentum to drive revenue, profitability and market share while boosting morale and building a repeatable, scaleable path to a sustainable future.

As a business leader and experienced Managing Director with a track record for developing lean operations that deliver efficiency, quality and high level customer satisfaction, I provide strategic business advantage by bridging technology and business strategy.

Currently I am focusing on reducing costs and creating efficiency for clients, reducing capital expenditures and shifting to OPEX based models through the introduction of Cloud technology using my expertise and experience in technical IT diligence.

I started Axispoint Solutions, a technology integration company focused on reducing costs and creating efficiency for our clients, in late 2006. I took  it from zero to £4m turnover in 3 years with 24% EBITDA (18 months of which was through one of the world’s worst recessions).

My track record shows a talent to build profits by anticipating and developing a broad range of opportunities within my extensive network. I enjoy collaborating with forward-focused corporate leaders to help create progress and profit; to make the vision clear and execute a project or close a sale.

My Business Process Management experience gives me extensive knowledge and experience to transform green field businesses into “centres of excellence.”

Together with my team at Axispoint I:

  • Created and implemented a scaleable, repeatable sales process that generates an 80% win ratio
  • Grown our client base 20x in 18 months during the world’s worst recession
  • Achieved 44% growth in top line revenue in 2009 while most companies in the same sector shrank
  • Successfully and cost effectively created and implemented technology solutions in support of our business goals
  • Identified and built a collection of IP plays that we are taking to market
  • Built an M&A strategy
  • Completed our first acquisition and fully integrated it into Axispoint without loss of acquired staff or clients