Building Excellence

It is easy to assume that Leaders command excellence. How often have you seen a charismatic leader step in to a situation, be it a business meeting or a new leadership role and immediately start to make a difference? Quickly quality of output increases, staff morale seems to have shifted to a much better place; plans are on target, etc., etc., etc.

Of course, it is not a matter of commanding excellence; it is having the confidence to build the need to deliver excellence in the team. Charismatic leaders instil confidence in the people around them and create situations where lessons can be learnt and are willingly learnt because the culture is one of delivering excellence.

Leaders deliver what they promise. Leaders give praise when it is due. Leaders give their team the space to make mistakes and help them learn from those mistakes.

Leaders are honourable people that put their team first and themselves last.

Know any charismatic leaders?

How would you describe them?

Do they build a culture of delivering excellence?

Does it all come naturally to them? Who are they?

About Peter Borner

Peter is an entrepreneur and successful business leader. Currently leading a consultancy firm specialising in technical diligence for M&A and advising global firms on IT consolidation and migration to consumption based costing through the use of Cloud Technologies.

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