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The Challenges of Transitioning from Start-Up to Grown-Up

Those of us that have experienced the full spectrum of company type; from Early-Stage to SME, to Mid-Market and on up to the Global Enterprise will realise that there are three distinct phases that companies pass through. Initially, the focus is on figuring out what we are going to sell and to whom? Once this […]

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New Year’s Predictions from the VAR500… lacking imagination?

Yesterday I received a message and a link from #SiobhanWalsh, #Axispoint’s Marketing and PR Manager saying that #DanDiSano, our Group President and CEO had been invited by #CRN Magazine to “to give a few predictions for our industry in 2011.” Of course, I read the full article. There were comments from 10 CEO’s including #BobCagnazzi […]

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Does the choice of technology lead to project failure?

During my long and varied career I have been involved in a number of significant IT projects. As a software development manager for Prime Computer (remember them?) in the late 70’s and early 80’s I led large and varied teams focused on the next release of the Primos operating system. Later in my career, as […]

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Moving Social Networking into the Enterprise

There are a myriad of applications that allow you to share your thoughts with your ever growing social network. However, with the current raft of Social Networking tools, I struggle with keeping my personal life, friends and network separate from my business network. For example, I don’t really care where one of my connections is […]

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The potential of Collaboration

I’m often asked, what is the next “wave” in the IT Market that will deliver the same results as the ERP, CRM and Web waves of the last three decades. The more I talk to people the more I conclude that Collaboration is the next IT opportunity for us all Why Collaboration? In the past […]

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Scaling your BPM Initiative

THE PROBLEM – Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed your first BPM project – perhaps two or three. Management are delighted with the increased productivity and visibility. Operators are impressed with the usability. So far, so good! Is this the end of your BPM journey, or merely the beginning?

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Unlocking the value of BPM

THE PROBLEM – Regardless of your selected vendor, until your new BPM software suite is in active production and generating tangible benefit to your business, you are effectively sitting on some very expensive shelfware. A catalyst is necessary to multiply the incurred licence and maintenance costs into visible, sponsor-delighting ROI.

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Successful BPM – bringing the business and it together

THE PROBLEM — BPM projects should create a mutual dependency between IT and the Business that requires an unprecedented amount of team work and process definition. In best practise BPM projects, at least 60% of the effort should involve change management and getting organisations to think about process in the business. If the Business and […]

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Process excellence – The value of BPM to the CIO

As a CIO, you want to add value to the business to deliver competitive edge but you are challenged to deliver new projects with more than 50% of your IT budget spent on maintenance and support. BPM as a way of adding value may be difficult to justify in addition to the inventory of other […]

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BPM; The selection and buying process

Top Tips: You have decided to consider deploying BPM to solve a compelling issue in a business function, or are evaluating how BPM can deliver an agile platform to leverage your investment in a Services Oriented Architecture, but are faced with a bewildering choice of tools and approaches.

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