How to act like a leader?

Often it is the little things that impact how others around you perceive your ability to lead. There are a few basic rules that, in my opinion, go a long way towards helping set the right perceptions:

  1. Be accountable – It is not always possible to get everything right every time.  Playing the blame game is a sure sign that you are not a leader.
  2. Wear your Integrity proudly – Always be truthful. Nothing demolishes your credibility like being caught out telling lies, being insincere or simply not being genuine. Once you have lost your credibility, getting it back is an almost impossible task.
  3. Make commitments and deliver – If you say you are going to do something… do it. I find it fascinating that simply following through and doing what you say you are going to do seems to result in an astonishingly good reaction.
  4. Don’t just listen… hear – Give your full attention, question and clarify, be specific in your answer to any questions, then take appropriate action. Failure to hear the message and act appropriately will eat away at the trust others have in you.
  5. Be approachable – It is important to understand the difference between being friends and being friendly. Good leaders are friendly; they are approachable by everyone around them but they are not necessarily friends with them.
  6. Don’t complain – People that constantly complain are losers. Good leaders have the ability to fix things.

Are you setting the right perceptions in those around you?

About Peter Borner

Peter is an entrepreneur and successful business leader. Currently leading a consultancy firm specialising in technical diligence for M&A and advising global firms on IT consolidation and migration to consumption based costing through the use of Cloud Technologies.

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I got your point in the 4th advice. I believe the intro for that should be, "Dont hear..listen". For listening is better than hearing. :>