Activity is not Necessarily Accomplishment

Pareto’s Principle states that if you focus on the top 20% most important items you have an 80% chance of success. John C. Maxwell’s 17th Irrefutable Law of Leadership; The Law of Priorities aligns with this principle. Leaders that prioritise are continually thinking ahead and never advance to the point where they no longer need to prioritise.

Maxwell states that Leaders must understand the three R’s (Requirement, Return and Reward) and must live their lives according to these three questions:

  1. What is Required? Any list of priorities must begin with what is required of us. The question to ask yourself is, “What must I do that nobody can or should do for me?” If I’m doing something that is not necessary, I should eliminate it. If I’m doing something that’s necessary but not required of me personally, I need to delegate it.
  2. What Gives the Greatest Return? As a leader, you should spend most of your time working in your areas of greatest strength. Ideally, leaders should get out of their comfort zone but stay in their strength zone. My rule of thumb: If something can be done 80 percent as well by someone else, I delegate it.
  3. What Brings the Greatest Reward? Life is too short not to do the things you love. Your personal interests energize you and keep you passionate. And passion provides the fuel in your life to keep you going.

Are you continually assessing and reassessing your priorities?

Do you live by the three R’s?

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