Buying into the Leader comes before Buying into the Vision

A leader first envisions the dream and then looks for a team to inspire but followers look for a leader to inspire them. That is how John C. Maxwell’s 14th Irrefutable Law of LeadershipThe Law of Buy-In – works.

A good example of this in action is Rotary International’s “End Polio Now” campaign. I think we can all agree that it is a highly worth cause. Looking back to the beginning of the campaign there was a slow start. However, as Rotary Leadership took hold of the campaign, more and more people bought-in to the concept and a wildly successful programme was born. Success was ensured when Bill and Melinda Gates bought-in and donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the project. Without the recognised, strong leadership of Rotary International this project would have struggled to get off the ground.

What are you doing to get people to buy-in to you as a leader?

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