Set the Right Example

John C. Maxwell’s 13th Irrefutable Law of Leadership is The Law of the Picture.

Great Leaders are visionaries. They see the bigger picture and they act accordingly. While great strategists can envision a plan to drive towards a vision; it is the leaders amongst us that define the vision and inspire others to reach for it.

Maxwell advises that as you strive to become a better example to your followers, remember these things:

  1. Followers Are Always Watching What You Do – Just as children watch their parents and emulate their behaviour, so do employees watch their bosses. If the boss comes in late, then employees feel they can too. Nothing is more convincing than living out what you say you believe.
  2. It’s Easier to Teach What’s Right Than to Do What’s Right – Nothing is more convincing than people who give good advice and set a good example.
  3. We Should Work on Changing Ourselves Before Trying to Improve Others – A great danger to good leadership is the temptation to try to change others without first making changes to yourself. To remain a credible leader, you must always work first, hardest and longest on changing yourself; this is essential. If we work on improving ourselves our primary mission, then others are more likely to follow.
  4. The Most Valuable Gift a Leader Can Give Is Being a Good Example – More than anything else, employees want leaders whose beliefs and actions line up. Leadership is more caught than taught. How does one “catch” leadership? By watching good leaders in action.

What examples are you setting for your followers?

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