NHS Care Report & Recommendations

I am breaking my habit of posting only once per day because I thought this to be very topical.

I heard the NHS Care Report & Recommendations debated on the Today programme this morning and in light of some recent work we’ve delivered at QEHB (Queens Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham) was ruminating on how the key findings of the report could be delivered without mushrooming costs. The key recommendations of better training, cultural change to establish careing compassion, regular appraisals and a change in selection criteria for nursing staff all strike me as potential additional cost to the NHS.

Then I remembered that most hospitals use Bank and Agency staff – in the largest Acute hospitals this can be an annual spend of over £5M per year with a “margin” for the agency of between 25-50%. This alone represents about £166M per annum across the country. Recovering this “overspend” by improving the talent recruitment and management processes the establishment of better appraisal and training (Learning Management) processes should be a by product. Freeing £1M per major acute should be able to cover the costs.

Let the debate commence…

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This will be very interesting to watch, Peter. Glad it is your country trying it.