It is what you do that counts!

Recently I have met several people that appear to have an expectation of salary simply because of their position and tenure with their firm. At this time of year, most firms will have completed their annual salary and bonus reviews and their employees are either generally happy or mostly unhappy. It is so difficult to get it right! Having spoken to several managers and a few leaders of other firms, I found a general theme. Something along the lines of, “I’ve been with the firm for 5 years, I know everyone and everything of importance and I got a measly 5% bonus.”

When I questioned further about achievements in the past year, the difference the individual made within the firm or the influence that asserted to help others achieve, I received some fairly unsatisfactory answers. It seems to me that their bonus was, in some cases, overly generous.

I ask myself, when will they understand that it is not enough to simply know stuff? It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing the job or that you have an MBA or even that you know lots of influential people. You get paid for what you do or induce others to do. Learn to move the needle for your firm and you will be handsomely rewarded.

About Peter Borner

Peter is an entrepreneur and successful business leader. Currently leading a consultancy firm specialising in technical diligence for M&A and advising global firms on IT consolidation and migration to consumption based costing through the use of Cloud Technologies.

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