My job is to make your job easier.

I have just finished reading Ted Coine’s blog post entitled “The Law of the Umbrella” and immediately felt the urge to tweet so that I could pass on his words of wisdom. It is not often that I read a blog post and feel so strongly aligned with the content that the urge to tweet is so strong.

In his blog post, Ted talks about how Leaders act as an umbrella for their team. To protect them from an unhealthy culture, a harsh climate, bureaucratic nonsense, hoop jumping, meaningless paperwork or senseless meetings.

My firm is in the fortunate position of being highly successful and highly sought after in a strong and growing niche market. We are seen as prime movers and thought leaders in Business Process Management and the BPM market is growing exponentially. We have built a great team but this leads me to have a serious staff retention issue because every other firm in the BPM space and every major enterprise that has adopted BPM and are looking to encourage my team to jump ships.

I am that umbrella! I work diligently to keep the team happy, to deflect the nonsense and to stop the senseless meetings so that the team can do what they do best and do what they enjoy most… being a great BPM delivery team.

I am not always successful; indeed we have lost three people recently. My hope is, that they will soon find out that the grass is definitely greener this side of the fence and return to the fold where we will welcome them back with open arms.

I urge you to read Ted’s weblog. I will certainly be following him closely in 2012

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Peter is an entrepreneur and successful business leader. Currently leading a consultancy firm specialising in technical diligence for M&A and advising global firms on IT consolidation and migration to consumption based costing through the use of Cloud Technologies.

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Ted Coine
Ted Coine

Peter, I’m honored – and enthused! Clearly from what you write, you’ve already embraced one of the key aspects of management: that your role is to build your team with winners and protect it from poaching. The only way to do the latter is to instill in them the desire to stick with you, regardless of enticement. That is no easy matter, but – as you clearly realize – there’s little competition in the space of employee hearts and minds! Keep at it. They’ll come back, I’m sure.


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