Embarrassing Utterances?

Yesterday I blogged about inspiring confidence in the team that surrounds you. In the post I mentioned the habit many “Leadership Bloggers” have of offering advice or comment in the form of lists (10 ways to becoming a more effective leader, 5 ways to create loyalty, etc.). Today,  Joe Warner (@alistairwarner) sent me yet another list from Liz Ryan (Bloomberg Businessweek) … 10 things only bad managers say!

I read the list with some amusement until I reached the seventh item. To my embarrassment, I remember saying “Don’t bring me problems; Bring me solutions” so many times in my early days as a manager.  It was, as I remember, my way of counselling my team to think for themselves and look for solutions before running to ask for help. However, it is clear from Liz’s article that, it could so easily have been interpreted as “Don’t complain — shut up and deal with it” or worse still “Stop telling me what I don’t want to hear.”

Fortunately I don’t recall ever having used any of the other nine phrases and I can promise that I will never say “Don’t bring me problems; Bring me solutions” ever again!

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