Can the alignment of your core values affect your bottom line?

I recently wrote a blog post entitled “What are your core values?” It seemed important to me that having a small number of clearly articulated core values is central to gaining alignment between staff, customers and overall business strategy.

I received a comment on the blog from Geoff Crowley ( essentially saying that writing them down is becoming an overcooked fad. I smiled today when I read The Leadership Advisor blog post entitled “Emotional Commitment and Your Bottom Line”.

This item discusses the effect controls placed on employees can have on your company’s bottom line and how, outside of fiscal responsibility, one of the best drivers of a strong bottom line is obtaining emotional commitment from your employees. The article goes on to say that the emotional commitment grows strongest when values are aligned.

The advice given is:

  1. Don’t have too many values (keep it between 4 and 6)
  2. Prioritise your values to avoid the inevitable conflicts
  3. Publicly reinforce your values
  4. Use your values to make company decisions
  5. Use your values for recruiting.

If this topic interests you and you wish to read further then I highly recommend looking to people like Verne Harnish and reading his book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

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