What on earth is a Magnetic Leader?

I have been watching, for quite some time, the #LeadershipChat twitter stream from C-Level Strategies CEO @LisaPetrilli.  Being based in the UK, the 8pm Eastern Time group chat is difficult for me to join every Tuesday. I therefore read the digest as soon as it is posted each Wednesday. (Click here for last evenings chat) Once you get past the relatively high volume of pleasantries there are always a few nuggets that make you sit up and think. With this in mind, I have recently subscribed to @LisaPetrilli’s blog.  IMHO, this blog is an infinitely better read.

The subject of today’s posting is “Five Signs You’re a Magnetic Leader.

Thinking “What on earth is a Magnetic Leader and do I want to be one?” I read the article in detail. Lisa describes a magnetic leader as someone that draws others to them. That’s me, I thought. Well, that’s how I would like to be viewed.

So, what are the five signs?

  1. Calm and uplifting demeanour and tone.

    I think I am calm (most of the time) but, like Lisa, I am surprised by the need to modulate my voice to match my demeanour… I must work on this!

  2. Trust – and awareness of this trust – between the leader and team

    Trust is a big thing for me. I think that, too often, managers abdicate responsibility in the guise of trusting their subordinates. I also think that weak managers have a tendency to move to doing the job themselves rather than coaching their staff to know when to ask for help.

  3. Encouragement

    We used to call this “stroking.” The right level of encouragement works brilliantly. Get it wrong and it can have totally the reverse effect!

  4. Proper alignment of resources with vision and strategy

    This, for me, is the critical point. My leadership team and I have been working through a business transformation strategy. We looked to people like Verne Harnish (I recommend you read his book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits) who, like Lisa, is essentially saying the same thing… with as wide a group as possible, define and agree your vision/strategy as simply and clearly as possible, align your resources and then make sure you stay aligned.

    Clearly, the task of defining and agreeing the strategy needs to be completed in such a way as to ensure it is appropriate to your market and meets the needs of your customer base. I recommend reading Ranjay Gulati’s “ Reorganize for Resilience: Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business (Harvard Business Press).  You might also find Sarah Jane Gilbert’s interview with Gulati entitled “The Outside-In Approach to Customer  Service” of interest.

  5. Communication of the vision and strategy

    In Lisa’s words, “This is where the rubber hits the road”. This is also, where I find Verne Harnish’s advice most useful. In his book and on his web site, Verne sets out a recommended pattern of meetings and update sessions that create a heartbeat for your business designed to ensure everyone is aligned and focused on the top five and top one of five priorities for the business to grow while staying true to its strategy and vision.

Lisa, an interesting and stimulating blog post, I look forward to reading your next article.

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Peter is an entrepreneur and successful business leader. Currently leading a consultancy firm specialising in technical diligence for M&A and advising global firms on IT consolidation and migration to consumption based costing through the use of Cloud Technologies.

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Peter Borner
Peter Borner

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the comment. I look forward to your next blog post and to the possibility of joining the TweetChat in the future.

You may find this post of interest... http://ht.ly/4IG6u


Lisa Petrilli
Lisa Petrilli

Hi Peter,

Honored to know that you appreciate the blog and enjoyed these insights. I loved reading how they resonated with you.

Hopefully you'll be able to join us one day on the chat, we're trying to figure out a way to make it easier for our global counterparts to participate and add their insights. :)

All the very best to you,

Lisa Petrilli