Culture and Strategy – Avoiding the Collision

I have just finished reading John Boyle and Kevin Klustner’s FC Expert blog piece entitled Collective Leadership Drives Sustainable Growth. The article talks to the point that it is no longer simply about making the right decision. More often, it is about understanding the trade-offs and ensuring decisions are made broadly across the company in order to ensure more people are in the right place to provide a broader perspective on mission critical decisions.

I am currently working through a transformational plan with my leadership team and the relevance of this point struck me as particularly important. We have spent many evenings discussing strategy and culture trying to step up and make the big decisions that drive big changes. This FC Expert blog article concludes:


Culture and Strategy Must Come Together — Not Collide

In the end, it all comes down to executives’ stewardship as leaders, changing behaviour, and making sure that collective leadership drives the necessary elements of culture and strategy so they come together rather than collide.

We know that what helped build a company in the past will not necessarily help multiply revenues 10-fold in the future.”

A salutary lesson to remember!


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