Do I stay or do I go?

France is in the midst of a battle between the government and unions over pension reforms. As usual with any dispute between the French government and public sector unions it has the ability to bring the nation to a standstill.

Put simply, the French government wants to raise the age at which their citizens are entitled to retire and receive pensions from 60 to 62. It is a little more complex than that because under current rules, both men and women in France can retire on a reduced pension at age 60, providing they have paid social security contributions for 40.5 years. Once they are 65 they are entitled to a full pension. The new rules will raise the retirement age to 62 by 2018, the qualification to 41.5 years, and the age for entitlement to a full pension to 67.

Why do I care? I am not French; I am not entitled to a French pension (unfortunately as they are, so I am told, really quite generous) and I am not even of retirement age!

I care because I am scheduled to take the ferry from Dover to Calais tomorrow afternoon and then drive 500 miles to my French home. I can’t get there on a single tank of fuel. I can’t take a jerrican of fuel in my car on the Ferry as that is both stupidly dangerous and prohibited by P&O and I have no idea of which garages have fuel and which garages are dry.

I have been Googling for a while trying to find an online resource that can give me up to date information of fuel shortages, blockaids, etc., all to no avail.

Does anyone have info and intelligence that can help me?

Should I stay or should I go?

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iain borner
iain borner

Quite the dilemma!! Well it all depends... Do you want a potential
Epic adventure across unknown french countryside or not?
Having been watching BBC news 24 they say that 1/4 of all french
Service stations have run dry. There, however, is no indication as to
Which these stations are. In short I have no advice! But wish you and
Mum good luck if you do decide to venture to France this weekend!

Love #1 son xxx

JP Liggett
JP Liggett

How about the thrill for the adventure of uncertainty!!!! a bit of a change of pace......

Peter Borner
Peter Borner

... and if we get there... what chance do we have of getting home again ?