What would the impact of an office flood be on your business?

Yesterday one of the Axispoint team noticed that the floor was a bit soggy and on the move! Luckily we are based in an MWB Serviced office. A call to Sara, the centre manager and the floor tiles were lifted. You can imagine the horror when we found about 4 inches of water in the cavity. A quick power off and evacuation of the office ensued.

Axispoint Milton Keynes

Fortunately, most of the staff have laptops and Cisco SoftPhones so they can work from anywhere on the planet provided they can get remote access to their data, etc. Our Salesforce team work entirely in the Cloud so they hardly noticed the interruption. Most of our developers are working via remote VPN’s to development servers either offsite or in the Cloud. We have a couple of in-house servers running SharePoint on VMWare virtualised environments but we have been able to move these Virtual Servers temporarily off site relatively easily. Technically we are all sorted and can continue without too much hassle.Axispoint Milton Keynes Water in the floor cavity

Overnight Sara and her staff at our MWB Centre in Milton Keynes have moved us into temporary office space so the only inconvenience is that we are a little more spread out than we are used to!

My background is working in Enterprise firms like BT and Sony where we spent a great deal of time and money working on building a Disaster Recovery Plan in the hope that we never had to test it. Perhaps those firms could learn from companies like Axispoint?

Are you concerned about how you might cope in the event of a disaster? If so, let me know and I will share with you how we have organised ourselves so that we can continue working from anywhere we can get an Internet connection without breaking the bank!

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