You don’t go to a Rotary meeting for the food…

…and you certainly don’t go to Conference to be served cheap wine at exorbitant prices!

The Rotary Club of Towcester contingent at District 1070 Rotary Conference 2010

The Rotary Club of Towcester contingent at District 1070 Rotary Conference 2010

The 2010 District 1070 Conference is over. I have driven the 150 miles home and I have had time to reflect during my journey. It would be very easy to complain about the food, the wine, the band and the acoustics on Saturday night. It would be even easier to complain about the utter chaos caused by the Scalectrix competition or the fact that the running order on both days of the conference bore little resemblance to that in the program. If one were feeling less than generous it would be extremely easy to complain about the length, or indeed the point, of Diana Moran’s speech. But…

I have come away from the conference feeling enthused and fired up but at the same time humbled and in awe.

Why is that you may ask.

Well, I will tell you…

Despite the challenges that the organising committee faced with the venue, with the caterers, with keeping the speakers on subject and to time, the conference was a complete success.

The success was in part due to speakers like Rotarian David Wallwork who allowed his passion, personal commitment and dedication shine through when he told us of the David School project that he has, with the help of many, many Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, businesses and friends, embarked on to help the children of Sierra Leone.  The David School project is truly a project in the image of Rotary.

The conference was a success in a part due to the wonderful friendship and camaraderie that everyone experienced throughout the weekend. New friendships were made and old friendships were reconfirmed. It is almost as if time has stood still since we last met.

RIBI Vice President Ray Burman, however, singlehandedly assured the success of the conference. I applaud him and I go away knowing that RIBI will be in safe hands in 2011.

So what was so significant about Ray’s speech?

Hands, Head and Heart. Nothing more, nothing less.

In a few minutes, Ray reminded us that it is club Rotarians that make the difference. We provide hands to help whenever and wherever they are needed; we use our heads to solve problems and we always act from the heart. He reminded us that it is us as Rotarians that will assure the future of Rotary, leading by example and introducing our friends to the family of Rotary. He reminded us that Rotary is not desperate. We are not looking for new members at any cost. We need hands to help, heads to think and hearts to care.

Every Rotarian remembers who introduced them to Rotary. Most Rotarians remember who was President the year they joined. I for one, can’t remember who was District Governor at the time when I became a member of the family of Rotary. The strength of Rotary is in the clubs. Who do you know that you would like to include in this very special family?

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Graham Walker
Graham Walker

Thank you very much.

It is always difficult to strike a balance, last year I wrote a poem! You have saved me a job though I might get beheaded in the process. I will try not to edit but you do strike a balance.
My wife, who is sometimes very critical, enjoyed the speeches this year but I agree the change of programme was amazing, particularly if you were asked to photograph events without a correct timetable.

I considered the ball a poor show and left at 11.00, did you get a menu of what you were supposed to eat? Ask how much a head at District Council for the Kentucky Chicken dinner (less coffee).
I thought the Scalextric a disaster and have photographed the rugby scrum, it also took large numbers out of the hall, if there was no casino then we should have had nothing and more would have danced. I actually thought the band OK but the audio operator manic.

There is a point where you cut costs and turn people off.

Linda May is I think ringing the changes and am interested that they will have an Abba tribute band for the Saturday, somehow the trend to have reduced numbers has got to be reversed.