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BPM Delivering ROI within the first 90 days?

As a regular reader of Dennis Byron’s excellent BPM in Action Blog, my interest was peaked by his latest entry (  where he discusses the new AIIM study on BPM ( As a centre of excellence for BPM our aim is to deliver value as early as possible in any engagement. Typically we look for […]

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Organisations need to be lean and agile, and to execute reliably (right first time).

Organisations can derive these benefits from technological solutions, but can they meet these short term needs (downsizing for lean-ness and moving towards centralised control for agility) whilst also addressing long term strategic aims that prepare them to exit recession better equipped for the future than they were when they entered? I believe that they can. […]

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Do firms with strong IT capabilities achieve stronger company growth?

My premise is that firms achieve growth through the use of information technology to scale their business processes more effectively than their competitors. So how do we measure the strength of a firms IT capability? I use an “IT Scorecard,” based on an original framework developed at Microsoft, to measure and track IT capability in […]

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Is BPM winning at the expense of the 600lb Gorilla?

I read yesterday’s article in Silicon’s online magazine entitled “SAP sales drop as credit crunch looms large” with interest. It is clear from the article that the current economic climate is hitting the 600lb Gorillas hard. SAP shares are down 16% (the biggest drop for 12 years) and Oracle are down 7.6%. Shares in Microsoft, […]

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Can IT deliver tangible results and value?

Can IT deliver tangible results and value?

As a CIO you are always looking to add value to the business. You want to deliver that competitive edge which will help your company overtake the competition. In the current “credit crunch” climate, however, it is difficult to make significant new purchases. You are under great pressure to “stretch out your current resources and […]

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Can we achieve effective/efficient processes?

Businesses want to improve their processes for a number of reasons ranging from increased efficiency and increased effectiveness through to increased visibility and improved collaboration. Increased efficiency is about ensuring all the steps in a process are necessary. Can we drive down costs by streamlining the process? Effectiveness is the process of driving Business value? […]

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