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Why do IT Projects fail?

Why do IT Projects fail?

From long and bitter experience of both infrastructure and software projects I am firmly of the opinion that all failures of IT projects come down to two things, poor planning and a lack of business involvement and commitment. My experience shows that successful projects create a mutual dependency between IT and the Business. I have […]

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How important is Information Management?

Yesterday I watched an excellent webcast by Jonathan Steel, CEO of technology researchers at The Bathwick Group where he discusses the results of a survey into the importance of Information Management to a range of companies. Jonathan states that the survey found that 75% of respondents said that good information management is a key to profitability. Bathwick’s […]

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Process is only good process if it makes sense and works!

There are some processes that we must follow legally and they are forced into an organisation through the compliance route. How often, though, does this implementation of process, in the name of compliance, cause resentment because the process has not been properly thought through? For example, I have been reviewing the “Know Your Customer (KYC)”, […]

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Top tips for ensuring your suppliers are green.

Managing your organisation’s strategy for green computing has come sharply into focus over the past few months. Some organisations have signalled their intention to be fully carbon neutral (for example, see IBM’s announcement that they will spend $1 billion on Project Big Green). Public sector organisations are also moving towards green computing initiatives through consideration […]

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BPM — All Mashed-Up?

There has been much talk over the years about the ability of the various business process management (BPM) offerings to create an orchestration layer that provides the communications layer necessary to bring order and controlled flexibility to horizontal processes. I think that most proponents of BPM would agree that it is clear that you cannot […]

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Are you getting value from your IT projects?

How often do you see projects that fail to get deployed or where the implementation costs are greater than the value the solution provides? It is perennial concern, one that most large IT departments seem unable to resolve. I have, in my career, produced endless business cases, cost justifications and ROI projections. I have championed […]

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Green Computing; A requirement for doing business?

It is becoming increasingly necessary to have an answer to the Green Computing question in order to do business in certain markets. For example, the UK Government is demanding stringent social responsibility commitments from its vendors in order to achieve its goal of being carbon neutral. Reducing energy consumption is the single biggest improvement that […]

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Afraid of having your laptop seized by US Customs and Immigration Officials?

I have to admit that I was completely unaware of the power that US Department of Homeland Security has to seize and search your laptop, mobile phone, or hard drive without reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. Last April, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that digital equipment passing into the US is legally the same […]

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Is it time for storage vendors to play nice with VMware?

 VMworld is fast approaching so expect a slew of announcements from the major virtualisation vendors like the announcement made yesterday by VMware regarding their vStorage API set. The vStorage API set provides an interface between VMware’s virtual Data Centre Operating System and  storage products. It includes APIs for Site Recovery Manager, Consolidated Backup, multi-pathing/load balancing […]

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Will Desktop Virtualisation deliver value for buyers or profit for vendors?

The past two years have seen the major players make a combined investment of over £1 billion on technology and acquisitions related to desktop virtualisation. Now that they have the technology will their customers will buy it? Enterprise desktop computing has its problems; it is difficult to secure Windows desktops and they are plagued by […]

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